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Консервация в течение всего года – даже в экстремальных условиях

Покрытия фирмы «Стилпейнт» являются влагоотверждаемыми и предлагают мгновенную защиту даже в необычных экстремальных условиях:

  • в гидротехническом строительстве и при относительной влажности воздуха до 98%.
  • устойчивы к многим кислотам, химикалиям, маслам, жирам и щелочам.
  • надежное нанесение при температурах от -5°C до +50°C.
  • долговременная антикоррозионная защита в суровых условиях.
  • Совместимы с различными системами катодной защиты (сертифицированы Федеральным ведомством гидростроительства - BAW Karlsruhe, Германия)

Time is money

No need to waste precious time on corrosion protection – just cure quickly and simply with SP-MCPU. Slash down-times and get the job done in a flash. Plus: reap the benefits of an intelligent combination of elasticity and hardness, minimizing transport and assembly damage to precoated parts. The advantages speak for themselves:

  • Single component – for easy application and an end to mixing problems.
  • Cures and penetrates quickly – for recoats in quick succession.
  • Even when still wet, coatings are immediately environment-safe – resistance, for instance, to salt water.
  • Superior adhesion to stubborn rust film, mechanically prepared steel surfaces and tenacious previous coats.

2C-Epoxy Coatings

  • 2 component – potential mixing errors
  • Application depends on weather conditions and ambient temperatures
  • No application in relative air humidity above 85%
  • Tidal zones: generally only thick coats possible, without zinc primer. Danger of blistering
  • Application to damp surfaces is not possible
  • Dew point must be taken into account
  • Reaction time only after components are mixed. Application time can be very limited – especially in extremely high temperatures
  • Pot-life

SP-MCPU Coatings

  • Only 1 component – so no mixing errors
  • No-headache application in all environments, all year long – no matter the weather
  • Easy application in relative air humidity up to 98%
  • Tidal zones: entire system can be coated in 30 minutes incl. zinc primer – with immediate resistance to seawater
  • Can be applied to slightly damp surfaces
  • 1 component, so no waiting for reaction time
  • No pot-life
  • Long-life corrosion resistance – even when applied under harsh conditions
  • Excellent adhesion of active zinc primer, even on mechanically or manually prepared surfaces and many old coats