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Cure year-round ? Even under the harshest conditions

Steelpaint coatings cure and protect right away, even under the most unusual circumstances:

  • In marine environments and relative air humidity up to 98%.
  • Unflagging resistance to a number of acids, chemicals, oils, fats and alkalines.
  • Reliable application from -5°C up to +50°C.
  • Long-life corrosion protection under the toughest conditions.
  • Tried-and-tested compatibility with cathodic protection systems (certified by the Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW) Karlsruhe, Germany).

Time is money

No need to waste precious time on corrosion protection – just cure quickly and simply with SP-MCPU. Slash down-times and get the job done in a flash. Plus: reap the benefits of an intelligent combination of elasticity and hardness, minimizing transport and assembly damage to precoated parts. The advantages speak for themselves:

  • Single component – for easy application and an end to mixing problems.
  • Cures and penetrates quickly – for recoats in quick succession.
  • Even when still wet, coatings are immediately environment-safe – resistance, for instance, to salt water.
  • Superior adhesion to stubborn rust film, mechanically prepared steel surfaces and tenacious previous coats.

2C-Epoxy Coatings

  • 2 component – potential mixing errors
  • Application depends on weather conditions and ambient temperatures
  • No application in relative air humidity above 85%
  • Tidal zones: generally only thick coats possible, without zinc primer. Danger of blistering
  • Application to damp surfaces is not possible
  • Dew point must be taken into account
  • Reaction time only after components are mixed. Application time can be very limited – especially in extremely high temperatures
  • Pot-life

SP-MCPU Coatings

  • Only 1 component – so no mixing errors
  • No-headache application in all environments, all year long – no matter the weather
  • Easy application in relative air humidity up to 98%
  • Tidal zones: entire system can be coated in 30 minutes incl. zinc primer – with immediate resistance to seawater
  • Can be applied to slightly damp surfaces
  • 1 component, so no waiting for reaction time
  • No pot-life
  • Long-life corrosion resistance – even when applied under harsh conditions
  • Excellent adhesion of active zinc primer, even on mechanically or manually prepared surfaces and many old coats

Firma Steelpaint GmbH - about us

Steelpaint is a subsidiary of the coatings company Emil Harrasser, founded in Kitzingen, Germany in 1890. Steelpaint produces and exports only special, high-performance coatings based on one-component polyurethane and one-component silicon raw materials under the protection of the Steelpaint trademark for the entire industrial and marine industry.

Steelpaint coatings are used for port and offshore facilities, sheet pilings, internal and external linings, tanks, bridges, and ship structure, and in combination with cathodic protection.